How to Participate?

1. Register in order to submit times and runs to MountainTrophy

2. On your smartphone you need to have a Barcode Scanner App installed. Or get one for iOS / for Android.

3. Activate the GPS location service on your smartphone.

4. Find a trail near you and go to the coordinates of the Start.

5. At the trail you will find the START sign with the QR Code

6. Scan the QR Code.

7. Login to the MountainTrophy Web App.

8. Get all the info you need to run the trail, eg.: briefing, map, GPS file of the trail, best times, special offers, recommended equipment

9. Push the "Start Your Run" button. Your position will be verified and a 10 second countdown will start. (you can always cancel the race and start again)

10. Lock your smartphone, put it in a pocket/bag and start running.

11. At the mountain station you will find the FINISH sign directly along the trail. Scan the QR Code to verifiy your position and to stop the time.

As soon as an internet connection is established your time will be stored in the MountainTrophy database and you can compare your race with others. CAUTION: do not close the MountainTrophy window before the data is stored on the database!

12. Enjoy the breath taking view.