• Start Sign at Felsenegg Station
  • Finish Sign at Üetliberg-Tower
  • Telecabin on Felsenegg
  • Üetliberg
  • Last ascent
  • View with final signs


This trail along the ridge is in both directions raceable. With views to both sides and with beautiful passages under the trees and through medows the path is a dream for all nature lovers. Ideally you run the trail in both direction so you can meassure it twice - of course with a warm up on Üetliberg Trail or Denzler Weg!

Start and Finish

  • Start Start Sign at the mountain station Felsenegg
  • Finish Finish Sign on the peak at the tower


From the Felsenegg this trail always goes along the ridge to the Uetliberg. Hint for single trail lovers: driving bans are not for runner!

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00:28:34 | Trail Running from creeter | 15.09.2013
00:28:41 | Trail Running from twd | 17.10.2015
00:30:43 | Trail Running from Seven | 24.09.2012
00:38:19 | Trail Running from ClumsyC | 05.06.2017

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04.03.2018 | Wandern from Tungmar | 01:57:01


City Zürich, Albis, CH
Start Height 804m
Finish Height 870m
Climb 200m
Distance 5140m
Average 00:58:20
Difficulty 1
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