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Within no time you will leave the city of Kriens behind, Through forests and meadows the trail brings you to Krienseregg and from here the path first descends slightly, then goes straight. Through meadows, forests and canyons it begins to rise again gradually. After a good hour (or two) or so you stand up on Fräkmüntegg surrounded by mountains and views.

Start and Finish

  • Start Valley station Kriens
  • Finish Mountain Station Fräkmüntegg


The Start Sign is attached to the wall of the valley station Kriens.
The ideal route follows the official hiking trail (yellow markers) via Krienseregg to Fräkmüntegg. Along the trail you will also find a tap with drinking water.
The Finish Sign is attached to the wall of the station Fräkmüntegg next to the entrance.

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00:45:29 | Mountain Biken from - r | 18.07.2012
00:47:14 | Mountain Biken from - r | 27.06.2012
00:47:25 | Mountain Biken from - r | 07.07.2012
00:48:23 | Mountain Biken from - r | 26.07.2012
00:48:52 | Mountain Biken from - r | 07.07.2012

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City Kriens, CH
Start Height 513m
Finish Height 1405m
Climb 937m
Distance 6440m
Average 01:06:56
Difficulty 1 2
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