Pilatus Trail

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  • Mt. Pilatus
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  • Last Ascend to the Peak
  • The steepest Cogwheel Train in the world


The trail and the view from the top are both breathtaking! It's one of the hardest MountainTrophy Trails, but many trail runners run it on weekly basis.

Start and Finish

  • Start The start sign is installed on the left side of the Pilatus Bahn valley station on the pole of the Hiking Trail. Right here starts the hiking trail.
  • Finish Finish sign at concrete post after the first stair to the restaurant/gallery


From the valley station to the mountain station the trail follows the official swiss hiking trail (white-red-white) and yellow signs ("Pilatus") - often along the mountain train tracks – passing meadows, forests, alps and rocks.
In Ämsigen you pass the middle station. At many places you will find drink water fountains, otherwise there is no food supply on the trail.
On the Pilatus Kulm you can enjoy the services of two restaurants, two hotels, a fantastique terrasse, and a gallery with the views on all side!

Top 5 (2018)

01:15:04 | Trail Running from Michael Büchi | 08.05.2013
01:25:45 | Trail Running from TheMountainmanLight | 16.07.2013
01:33:28 | Trail Running from vero | 19.07.2014
01:33:58 | Trail Running from paolo | 04.08.2012
01:36:15 | Trail Running from Arena | 08.06.2013

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City Alpnachstad, CH
Start Height 440m
Finish Height 2063m
Climb 1623m
Distance 7280m
Average 02:23:23
Difficulty 1 2 3
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