• Start Sign at Üetliberg Tower
  • Finish Sign at Felsenegg Station
  • Downtown Zürich from Üetliberg
  • View towards Felsenegg
  • On the trail 1
  • On the trail 2
  • Felsenegg


This trail along the ridge is in both directions raceable. With views to both sides and with beautiful passages under the trees and through medows the path is a dream for all nature lovers. Ideally you run the trail in both direction so you can meassure it twice - of course with a warm up on Uetliberg Trail or Denzler Weg!

Start and Finish

  • Start Finish Sign on the peak at the tower
  • Finish Finish Sign at the mountain station Felsenegg


From the Uetliberg this trail always goes along the ridge to the Felsenegg. Hint for single trail lovers: driving bans are not for runner!

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00:25:40 | Nordic Walking from tomhiggs98 | 06.11.2013
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13.12.2018 | Trail Running from Ron Miles | -1:-5:-35
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City Zürich, Albis, CH
Start Height 870m
Finish Height 804m
Climb 130m
Distance 5140m
Average 17:58:58
Difficulty 1
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