Uetliberg Trail

  • Start Sign at Trainstation Triemli
  • Finish Sign at Üetliberg Tower
  • Station Triemli
  • Finish at Uetliberg Tower
  • Üetliberg Forest
  • Along the trail
  • View from the peak
  • View from the peak


The classic: from the Triemli to the Uetliberg. This trail you can always run: in sunshine, rain, or snow, early in the morning or after work. We think it an ideal trail for the daily training, beginners and connoisseurs.

Start and Finish

  • Start SZU-Station Zürich Triemli
  • Finish Finish Sign on the peak at the tower


From the station Zürich Triemli the trail goes up through the forest to Hohenstein and along the ridge to the peak of Uetliberg. Along the way are fountains with drinking water and on the peak you can regain your powers in the restaurant UTO Kulm.

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13.12.2018 | Trail Running from Ron Miles | 00:23:02


City Zürich, CH
Start Height 480m
Finish Height 870m
Climb 390m
Distance 3270m
Average 00:33:01
Difficulty 1 2
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