Lower Trail: Kriens - Krienseregg

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With its 3.2 km of length and 500 meters of ascent the "Unterer Trail" is an ideal after-work-trail. It starts at the valley station of the Pilatusbahnen in Kriens and ends at the station Krienseregg.

Start and Finish

  • Start Valley station Pilatus Bahnen Kriens
  • Finish Station Krienseregg - next to the panorama map / toilets


The Start Sign is attached to the wall of the valley station Kriens (see photos).
In principle you are free to choose your route. The direct trail follows the official hiking trail with the yellow signs "Krienseregg".
The Finish Sign ("Ziel") is located at the wall of the station Krienseregg in front of the toilets.

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City Kriens, CH
Start Height 513m
Finish Height 1026m
Climb 513m
Distance 3200m
Average 00:42:32
Difficulty 1
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